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Time to Grow Up

Contributed by Milford Woods

Busy week. I’m getting things ready to move into my first home. Yes! I’m a homeowner now! I guess I’m officially an adult. It is a little intimidating to think of living by myself and paying a mortgage by myself but like everything else, I’ll get used to it. It is a must to have a TV since I’m living alone. I would go out of my mind from the quiet. After searching the internet and coming to, I decided to call and get satellite tv for my new home. I still need to get a landline run in, but that should be it.

The next hurdle will be getting everything moved in. I am literally moving from all over the place. I have stuff at my boyfriend's housefrom when I say with him. I have things at my parent’s house that I never took with me to college that I will be moving to my house. I have things at my best friend’s house, where I lived for the past year renting a bedroom from her.


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