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Thanks to Olga Quinn
I really did not know what to think when I first looked at this site,, that Deanna sent to me the other day. I felt a bit overwhelmed really. I am not the most technology-savvy person there is.

So, looking at information about VoIP, Internet and phone services were a bit out of reach for me. I can understand the basics: we need Internet to get our work done. What I do not really get is why one service is better than another. That is the topic I really have no idea or opinion in regard to. Luckily, Deanna works at a technology company, so she always knows how to handle setting up Internet, for example.

She helps me to make the best technology-related decisions and I have no shame asking her about any of it. If I could convince her to leave her job and join me at my business, I would be so happy. She does not have any problem with doing that except it is too early for me to be able to supply benefits. Either way, I get to access her expertise.


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