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Dating A Body Builder

Are you looking to dating a body builder or someone who is into fitness? They are many people who are. There is dating on the net for just about anything your into. There are some great fitness dating sites online that should delight your fancy. More info right here is you are looking to date a body builder. Check it out.

Meeting and Dating A True Bodybuilder

You don’t need to be muscle-bound to get along with a bodybuilder; you just need to learn what their life is all about. Male and female bodybuilders are watching for people who look like they take care of themselves. Fitness is first priority in a bodybuilder’s life, so it’s important to have family, friends and partners who understand and support their goals and activities.

One example of this is NGA & IFPA natural pro bodybuilder Layne Norton’s fiancé. She goes to all his contests and wears a tee shirt emblazoned “Layne’s #1 Fan.” Another good example is the wife of Mr. Olympia, top IFBB pro, Jay Cutler. He has publicly acknowledged how he appreciates her support. She works out with him, cooks for him, runs his business, and travels around the world with him. Neither women are bodybuilders but they appreciate and endorse the lifestyle. Then there is Monica Brant, considered one of the most important figures in the women’s fitness movement. Her husband looks after her, making sure she gets proper rest and nutrition before competition, traveling with her and helping coordinate her schedule. He is not actively competing but certainly shares her lifestyle. Read more.....


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