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The Gift

This is a guest post by Matt Sheraton

My wifes birthday was fast approaching and I was at a loss what to do for her on her special day. I could go the easy route and buy her some flowers and then take her out to our favorite steak house for dinner. But I was growing weary with giving her the same thing year end and year out. So this year I decided to do something a little different for her birthday.

I decide to do a little research, and hopefully help me get my wife a gift in the process, on great birthday gifts for a wife. So what did I do? I decided my best source of information gathering would come from the internet. I fired up my wildblue satellite connection and began my search of the perfect wife birthday gift. I thought my search was going to take me awhile to find a gift, but thanks to my quick internet service I was able to search find a gift in about 15 minutes. The whole process to purchasing something from the internet was surprisingly simple to navigate and a lot quicker than me driving over to the mall and searching through every store step by step. on the first floor and all the way up to the third floor. However, thanks to
wild blue internet , I was able to purchase my wife a beautiful dress in almost a blink of the eye.


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