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Shy Online Dating

Looking for shy dating online? Are you a little shy and you are looking to date? Don't be. There are many single down to earth people who are looking to date you. Don't let shyness stand in the way of you meeting someone that is teriffic for you. They are many sweet dating people out there for you to mingle with.

Here are some shy dating tips that can help you get started. Get out there and start dating and have fun!

Dating Tips For Shy Single People

Shy people and unhappy people have one thing in common: they mainly focus upon themselves. But self-focus comes from insecurity and kills interaction. The greatest feelings of self-worth come from our positive effect on others. It has been shown that low self-esteem goes hand-in-hand with individuals who put too much attention inward. Confidence comes by doing something daily that focuses on someone, or something, else in a positive way. My hero Denzel Washington once said in a film, “A person wrapped up in himself makes a very small package!” Indeed.

I often wonder why anyone would boast about being shy, because shyness is a focus upon fear and the self which increases the inability to engage another person in basic interaction. When you are in a situation where you are meeting new people and interacting with others you immediately become less nervous. Life only works reciprocally. If we merely expect from others we tend to get very little until we begin to give too. Many people who have not learned how to share find this giving difficult and simply wait with open hands to receive. Yet it is very clear that the people who give the most tend to receive in abundance. When we focus upon ourself, there is a limited field of vision which obscures the whole picture and gives us just one narrow view of the world – ours. We always expect something from others emotionally, yet are unprepared to give much back. Read more here.......


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