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Happy Anniversary!

Thanks to Roman May
As happy as I am to be expecting, this baby has knocked me off my feet and he’s not even here yet. Monday was a doozie. After work, I rushed home to curl up in bed and watch House Hunters on DIRECTV. But, when I walked in the door, I saw my sweet husband in the kitchen and my jaw dropped. Our anniversary is next week and he took it upon himself to paint the kitchen (something we have been discussing for months), water the plants, wash the sheets, and cook a delicious chicken tortilla soup dinner for us.
Talk about knocking me off my feet. I honestly think I could feel the baby get excited about that meal. It was the perfect end to a never-ending and exhausting day. And, the PERFECT anniversary present. I had dreamed of a second honeymoon. Jamaica. Virgin Islands. Key West. Then, the Clear Blue test results clearly blew that out of the water. Somehow, this is all way better. Sappy, I know, but my husband really is better than yours. Sorry.


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