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How I Met your Mother

Guest post written by Rolf Tate

I know I’m a little late to the How I Met your Mother train, but I am fully on board at this point. For years I’ve had friends try to tell me how great this show is. They said the writing was phenomenal and the acting was flawless. Recently, I started watching reruns and have discovered that they were absolutely right. The cast is tremendous, and I love the entire premise of the show.

Basically, the show is a story of five best friends living in New York, and all of the episodes take place in the past. The main character is telling his children how he met their mother—thus the title. There is a voice over at the end of each show (done by Bob Saget, by the way) to wrap up the episode. I am hooked.

I wish I came up with the idea myself, as a matter of fact. The other awesome thing about the show is the soundtrack. Each episode is jam packed with tracks by artists that I can always imagine myself buying and listening to over and over. All in all, it’s the whole package. Check out your listings on directv to see when you can catch the show.


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