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Organization Inspiration

I appreciate the guest post, Jenny Caldwell
My girlfriend and I make an effort to get together twice a month for coffee and watch DIRECT TV cooking channels all morning. We caught a great episode with tons of tips on organizing the kitchen and the pantry to suit your individual needs. To say the least, we were inspired. I was still a homemaker and so she asked me to come over and do some of these great projects at her home. I was excited to do this for one of my closest friends.
I rushed out the next day a bought an eclectic collection of containers, baskets, and tins. I set out to her house the next morning and we dove into the project together. The results are astonishing. You can see almost every item in the pantry and all the kitchen necessities are in the perfect spots in the upper cabinets. A few of my other friends have seen the results and want to know when I’m available to come and help them out in their own homes. I’m starting to think I’ve stumbled onto a part-time gig for myself and I love every minute of it.


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