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101 Dating Advice

Here is 101 Dating Advice. Upon meeting each other in person, the physical characteristics are very important. By now you should have already exchange pictures with each other. When you do decide to meet up with your date, I hope you look like the photo you have exchanged with this person. If you don't then do not show up for the date. You have already deceived your potential partner.

If you have sent a photo showing that you are slim and then when meeting up with your date, you are plum or round, you have deceived this person. There is nothing wrong with being plump and round. However, that person may not want to date a person that is plump and round. This would be the same vice versa. If you profiled yourself looking plump and round and then you show up as a skinny person, this is still the same. That person may not want to date a skinny person. Everyone has their preference and what they like. Also many people are visual. You mush show up the same way you look in your photo.

No one likes date surprises or disappointments. And no one likes to be lied to. All you have to do is be honest. If you are looking for your soul mate or a long term relationship, then do not lie. That's bad business. As a matter of fact, just don't lie anyway even if you are looking for a one night fling. 101 Dating Advice. Just do the right thing and everything will be fine.


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