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What Is Extreme Dating

What is extreme dating? It is the rush and the speed of it all that can make dating extreme. This is what you can do. In order to relieve the nervousness on your first date, go extreme dating. Spend your time in more than one place on your first date. Go see a humorous movie and then go to a comedy club.

This kind of dating is a great way to spend time with each other because this totally breaks the ice between the two of you. If this first date went well and you guys really had a great time, then you can do the lone dates so you can get to each other a whole lot better. Having a nice dinner at a fabulous restaurant would be a lone date. Not too much excitement there but you can definitely spend this time getting to know each other.

You can take on some of these extreme dates. How about some whitewater rafting or flying lessons. Air ballooning anyone and maybe some paintballing. Extreme dating is the perfect first date.

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