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Smooch Dating

Smooch dating is what will set the mood of a date. So the first tip for any date is to make sure you brush your teeth and you have great smelling breath.

The feeling of someone's warm breath on the back of your neck and the breath is smelling is yummy is very enticing. Wet tastful lips is always hot. There are many delicious lip glosses out there available for the picking. Soft wet and glossy lips is what you want to have.

It is also best to close your eyes when kissing on a date until you know what your partner likes. If this is your first date, it would be best to have your lips close together.

Not good to have a open mouth kiss. Once you know what your date likes, then you can go for it. A smooch is a great I am glad to see you whether it is a good night or ending kiss. These tidbits should help you when it comes to smooch dating.


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